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Welcome to Rodentia

Venture below the streets of London, and you will find the medieval kingdom of rats, mice, moles, squirrels, and shrews known as Rodentia.

If the rodents have a cardinal law, it is this: never attack a god. But Verm never had much respect for the rule of law. His tail was stolen by the Yellow God of Death, and now the mouse will have to fight all manner of beasts and titans on his quest to get it back.

The Heroes


The Vagabond

Once the runt of a forgotten Outlands village, Verm now journeys to the heart of Rodentia. With the legendary Titan Reaper in hand, he hunts for the god who stole his tail.


The Pyromancer

The young mole heir of Cranbaile is plotting to bring down Tiger, the titan that has ravaged her village for generations. Will her fire-spewing god-tool be enough?


The Harlequin

As a bard, Bruce prefers performing to fighting. In fact, he intends to play his flute in front of the Duke of Squirrels himself. But just what is he hiding under that mask?


The Iconoclast

A chained-up dragon lurks beneath Sky Garden, so the rumours say. Gwen intends to escape, and she will stab any foul "cachgwn" who stand in her way.